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whole 30 | week 1 & 2 


well…i had to start over twice. so there’s that.

on day 3 and 4 (all three times) were roooouuuugh. they call it “carb flu” and it’s horrible. but it passes pretty quickly. then it’s all about the willpower, which is super hard but totally doable.

after the first few days, i started incorporating my workouts back in, especially yoga because i need that shit to keep me sane. i started to feel much better and began to sleep more deeply and for longer periods of time. speaking of periods (tmi, i’m not really sorry), that threw a kink into week 2. my usual pimple or two turned into six. and then the cravings were SO real. but i pushed through!

for the first week and a half, i was so so hungry.  when i cheated, it wasn’t completely horrible.  both times, i ate something healthy but it wasn’t on plan.  that was definitely discouraging, but what i learned through reading on instagram and the book was that no one has a perfect whole30.  it’s so restrictive in those 30 days.  it messes with your head for awhile.  but then it settled, and i realized that i can do anything for 30 days.  and then it will get interesting because i have no idea if i have any intolerances or what they would be.  the idea of the reintroduction phase is helping to keep me on track.

onward to week 3!

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