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how i use my erin condren hourly life planner


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i’ve had some questions about my planner style lately here and on instagram so i thought i might go ahead and do a post about it.  i’m not a typical hourly planner.  i use the columns and times as a guide but i don’t really follow the rules (if there are really any?!). some people call it “vourly” or vertical/hourly, but i definitely use a mixture of the two.

first i put down my washi (most of the time at the bottom) and set up my weekend. sometimes i’ll do some flags to make it fancy, but usually it’s just a banner.

then since i am a teacher, i always have my school to-dos at the top. i have some erin condren customized stickers to mark those lists. when i run out of them, i’ll probably order some thinner ones from an etsy shop.

after that, i work from the bottom up to the top. if i have any bills due or payday reminders, i put those reminders at the bottom before the week starts. if you’re looking at it at the end of the week, most things under my school lists are in chronological order. (once i got used to doing it this way, it wasn’t as confusing as it sounds.)

so after i set up the page, i note my dinner choices, write down my weekly cleaning list, and put in my habit tracker for my vitamins and birth control pills.  i also add in my weekly prayer list, weekly to-do list, reminders for meal planning and prep, and any appointments or special events that i know i have before the week starts. i also do a high-five for friday list where i add five good things from the week as it happens. i put that list on thursday because that’s when i compose the post. i finish by putting my weather doodles at the top with the forecast for monday through wednesday. now i’m ready for the week! (see below)

as the week goes, i add in (usually from the bottom up but still in chronological order in the column) anything that goes on during the day that i want to note. on thursdays, i add in the rest of the week’s weather at the top and color them all in.

at the end of the week, i add in any space fillers on the days (these are usually near the middle) and my thankful thought. space fillers could be doodles, lettering, small journaling passages, quote stickers from happy planner sticker books, or washi. And then it’s done!

12 thoughts on “how i use my erin condren hourly life planner

  1. I love this! I recently bought my first hourly planner (kind of by accident). I don’t usually plan that way because it’s too structured.. if that makes sense ha. I was struggling on how I was going to make it work, but I really love how you have yours set up!

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