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1•20 | high five for friday!


it’s easy to just post something on MLK day and move on, but if you really listen to his words, they’re so applicable to today even forty years later.

changed my chalkboard for the reminder.



i saw “hidden figures” on MLK day.  it seemed fitting.  and what a great movie!!  i loved it!  it was so inspiring as a woman and to see how far we’ve come.  it also reminded me of how much more we have to go though…


i went to the first night of a 3 night (over 3 weeks) lecture series on World War I. yeah, i’m a history nerd but this one was extra interesting because it was led one of my old college professors. i’m pretty sure i’ll go back for the other nights! it’s a wonder how much you enjoy a lecture without the pressure to take notes for a test!


my formal evaluation and post-conference are over!  it went very well.  i even got some distinguished marks in some areas!  still, i try not to take evaluations overly serious these days.  because after all, it’s one hour on one day out of 187.  it’s a learning tool, but it’s not always the best way to look at your teaching.  instead, look at all 187 days as a whole.

luckily there were none of these moments! 🙂



after being motivated by some news stories this week (and “hidden figures”, to be honest), i wrote my congressman about the current choice for secretary of education.  public education is one of my passions, and i don’t want to let the opportunity to stand up for it pass me by.  i write my congressman several times a year.  you should too!  let him/her know that you’re paying attention and that you care about the issues.  it’s their job to listen.  click HERE for senators or HERE for representatives to find out how to contact yours.

it’s super easy!

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