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whole 30 | week 3


click HERE for why i’m doing this.

so i broke down and had some quinoa one night because i just wanted to. and then several days later, i had some breaded onion rings at school. i couldn’t resist them. but if that’s the worst i’ve cheated this whole time, i still think it’s fine.  remember there’s never a perfect whole 30.

one hiccup was that i got an email from a family member with another diet book recommendation! the person also compared me to my sister, and how i could lose the weight just like she did. like i need any more comparisons to her right now. at first, it made me sad that someone would think about it that much and take the time to write me an email about it. but then i got mad and wrote back. i defended myself and my body. the person didn’t apologize but they backed down. it bothered me for several days but it also motivated me to keep going. i’m doing this for me and my health.

so far, i haven’t had any dairy at all. even my coffee creamer is almond milk. i miss cheese. i dream of cheese, and i can’t wait to have it again. if it’s one of my intolerances though i’m going to have a cry fest for real.

on the bright side (and lord knows i need one!), my skin looks amazing. i also feel really good. i haven’t had any migraines or stomachaches this whole time, besides a little headache when the weather quickly changed.  i’m calling barometric pressure the cause for that one.  and after all the trouble at the end of december, my mood has stabilized…you know, besides that time i got mad/sad for being called fat by a family member.  i’m not sure if whole 30 has had anything to do with those good things, but i’d like to think that it did because i’m taking better care of myself.

8 thoughts on “whole 30 | week 3

  1. It sounds like you are doing an amazing job! If that’s the worst you’ve cheated, props to you!!

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