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1•27 | high five for friday!


i’m having a nephew!  (is that how you say it??  do i say i’m expecting a nephew?  this is weird.)  anyway…my sister is having a little boy!  my very first nephew.  so exciting!  wait…what do i do with a little boy?  i had sisters.  i have no idea what i’m doing.  this is going to be fun.  🙂


mary tyler moore passed away this week.  what she did with her career was groundbreaking and inspiring.  i changed my kitchen chalkboard to honor her.


one more week of whole 30 (thank goodness!!)  before i get to reintroduce some different food groups.  it’s been an interesting and eye-opening experience.  click HERE for why i’m doing it, HERE for my week 1 & 2 update, and HERE for my week 3 info.


i worked out four days this week (so far!).  this doesn’t sound like a lot, i know.  but i’m finally getting back to where i need to be.  i feel more focused.  now i just have to keep it up.


naturally, i talked to my kids at school about the national women’s march that occurred this past weekend. each class asked me “are you a feminist?” with a bit of disgust or confusion.  i replied, “of course! don’t you think women should be treated equally, as humans?” they were genuinely perplexed by my answer. i hope in a few conversations that i got through to a few just like ms. nichols got through to me during her english class junior year of high school. she’s just one of the people who helped shape me into the feminist i am today.

ladies, we have a lot of work to do in teaching our girls and boys about how women should be trusted, respected, and listened to. but we’re up to the challenge!

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