'merica · on my soapbox

we live in uncomfortable times. 

“they” say never to discuss politics or religion in mixed company.

…but those are my favorite subjects!

so needless to say, the past month has been weird.

the best word to describe it is uncomfortable.

i’ve had conversations with friends and family that left me feeling icky or squirmy.  i’ve had to tell myself to shut up and listen and try to understand.  i’ve had internal battles that have taught me lessons.  and i’ve had moments when i should have thought more about what i wanted to communicate before i spoke.

but you know what?  that’s okay.  we’re all in this together trying to figure it out.  it’s weird and uncomfortable for everyone. as a history teacher, it’s also exciting to me in my own selfish way. history is happening. i can’t help but think about how we will view these times many years from now. the verdict is still out. 

i’m going to take my own advice that i gave to a hispanic girl who was upset and crying after the election in my class because she didn’t understand and couldn’t communicate it to the redneck boy next to her – listen more, talk less.  

i’m also going to continue to follow and devour as much news to stay educated so i can actually say the right words when needed.  i’m also going to keep interacting with people who i can learn from, who think differently from me.  at the same time, i’m still going to share funny memes with my like-minded friends to keep from crying or yelling.

but still, that shutting up and listening thing – it’s important.

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