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january 2017 monthly favorites.

{favorite makeup and skincare}

neutrogena hydro boost hydrating tint – i’ve been wanting a lighter foundation lately.  plus, my skin has been kind of dry with it being dry and cold lately.  i already use the hydro boost gel-cream, so i thought i’d try this one.  i LOVE it.  but i figured out pretty quickly that i needed to use a brush instead of a beauty blender to apply it.  this is my favorite foundation brush.

soap and glory hand food – i found this hand cream at walgreens.  it smells nice and it works.  it’s not super heavy.  i also like the sugar crush scent.

{favorite words}

{favorite books}

the whole 30 by melissa and dallas hartwig – it’s no secret i’m in the midst of doing whole 30.  i’m pretty sure everyone around me is sick and tired of hearing about it.  but now i believe in it that i can’t shut up about it.  it’s been very eye-opening.  click HERE, HERE, and HERE for my weekly update on how it is going.

{favorite tv shows & movies}


nashville on hulu – i’m so glad that this show got picked up by CMT!  it’s one of my favorite guilty pleasures.

frontier on netflix – this is a brand new show on netflix.  i haven’t ever watched a history drama that is set in this era or part of the world.  it tells the story of the fight for dominance in the fur trade around the hudson bay in the 1600s.  it’s very interesting and entertaining.

versailles on netflix – season one is up now.  if you like history and a little bit of drama, this one is for you!  it is in the same strain as the tudors, reign, vikings, etc.

victoria on pbs – another history show!  i don’t know a ton about victoria (and i know to take the show with a grain of salt) and it’s been interesting to experience her early years.

{favorite YouTube}

i’m still working on getting this challenge done because i don’t practice yoga every day.  i tend to mix it up.  but that being said, i’m loving this series.  here’s day 1!

{favorite moments}  

a new year means a new start!  here are my goals:

i pulled out (for the most part) of my winter blues.

i started whole 30!  it’s been a very interesting and important process for me.  i’m completely realigning my relationship with certain foods and food in general.

i redesigned my blog.  it was so fun and creative.

my question was answered on one of @llamaletters’ videos. #plannerfamous

speaking of creative projects, here are a few from january!

saying goodbye to president obama and vice president biden wasn’t fun, but it had to be done.  i’m trying to be hopeful and pray for our future.

watching the events around the national women’s march has been very inspiring.

my formal evaluation is done!  i got great marks and comments from my evaluator, which was very encouraging because this school year has been challenging.

i went to a lecture series on world war i put on by some of my former college professors.

hidden figures was a great movie!

i found out that i’m having a nephew!  it’s not completely out in the open, but i have permission to put it out there somewhat.  it’s getting more real!


{favorite posts}

goodbye, 2016.  hello, 2017! (thank God!)  •  peek inside my planner | december 2016  •  whole 30 |the beginning  •  the dna results are in!  •  whole 30 | week 1 & 2  •  how i use my erin condren hourly life planner  •  my favorite images from the national women’s march  •  whole 30 | week 3  •  january peek inside my planner  •  we live in uncomfortable times  • 

{looking forward to…}  some new opportunities involving planning and my other creative outlets.  a couple texas country concerts of my faves.  a baby shower for a friend.  the reintroduction phase of whole 30.  the spring weather!!

{past monthly faves}

december 2016

november 2016

october 2016

september 2016

august 2016

july 2016

june 2016

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