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whole 30 | week 4


wow…i was totally skeptical of this whole 30 thing. and here i am now, a total advocate for it. it started out rough and now it’s almost over! if you can get through the first week and a half, you can do the whole 30 days, i promise. it’s totally mental.

recaps:  the beginning  |  week 1 & 2  |  week 3

it took:

  • my cravings for sweet things
  • a couple pounds from me
  • my bad mood
  • my constant migraines
  • my controlling relationship with food (food is fuel!)
  • my stomach and digestion problems
  • my need to snack all the time

it brought me:

  • more clarity in what my body needs to feel good and work well
  • the idea of what real food looks like again
  • a renewed love for fruit
  • a new sense of “full”
  • great skin
  • satisfaction and pride that i did it
  • new and different recipes
  • strange reactions from friends and family – some good, some bad

the next step is reintroducing different food groups. i’m going to reintroduce each one for 10 days. if it’s okay (with  moderation and self control), then i’ll keep it. if not, i’ll cut it out again and try again later. (please don’t be cheese, please don’t be cheese, PLEASE!)

should be interesting! stay tuned!

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