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january plan with me | glam hack edition


first, i started with a kit.  i don’t always use a kit, but when i do i spread it out among two kits because i’m a white space planner.  i don’t normally buy them because they’re not very cost effective for me, but i just love this case of the mondays kit by the glam planner.  her kits are expensive AF and take awhile to arrive, but they’re so beautiful!  i have two more from her coming in the mail soon.  oops.   🙂

the first thing i did with the kit was to cut the bottom washi in half.  i used an exacto knife and a cutting map from my brief sewing/quilting days.  i don’t need that much washi.  it takes up too much space, hence the cutting.

i also used some customized erin condren stickers as headers for my school to-dos.  they’re not my favorite, but i have a bunch and i’m going to use them up before i order some thinner ones off etsy.

then, i grabbed some washi tape to make some flags for the weekend banner.  it’s easier than you think it is.  you just bend the tape in half with the sticky side out.  then you cut it at an angle and it creates a cute little flag.  i layer them under the weekend banner.

glam hack plan with me |

then! i got the week ready by adding in a little bit of deco (decoration), a bill due, my high five for friday list, my cleaning list and midweek list, and a blogging to-do list.

glam hack plan with me |
by MONDAY, i have some events and journaling onto the page. i have also added in the weather doodles at the top.
glam hack plan with me |
because i tend to use one kit for two weeks, i pulled in some other things i thouight might work including some happy planner stickers from various books.
glam hack plan with me |
here is my midweek! the first half is almost done! it just needs some finishing touches!
glam hack plan with me |
i added a few things on the second half of the week and completed most of the first half. i like layering stickers like the brunch sticker with the eggs and bacon. i also flipped one of the little things stickers and covered the icon with the nail polish bottle to make it more useful for me.
glam hack plan with me |
thursday and friday and pretty much done. i added in the movie marquee to remind myself of the “Z” The Beginning of Everything” premiere on Amazon prime. anywhere where there is open space, i put down washi. it separates my school to-dos and make the page look more balanced.

glam hack plan with me |
here is the first half of the week finished. i added to and completed my weekly to-do list and my habit tracker. i also colored in the weather doodles.
glam hack plan with me |
here is my completed second half of the week. i finished off any checkboxes, colored in my weather doodles, and filled in any blank spaces with washi.
glam hack plan with me |
and here is the week completely finished!
i have plenty left over for another spread! maybe the first week back to school?!

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