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teaching tip 69. time for some spring cleaning!

it’s about that time…the time for spring cleaning!  i’m in the process of doing this in my own classroom.  here’s some things to think about!

  • clear out any unneeded papers, including memos, old graded papers you’re never handing back, notes from that meeting four months ago, information on kids from last semester or last year, etc.
  • gift or get rid of extra supplies you know you’ll be never use.  i’m a hoarder of office supplies so this is a hard one for me.
  • the drawer. you know the one. or maybe you have four. clean it out.
  • stuff in your cabinets or filing cabinets someone gave you or left for you that will never be used.
  • the thoughtful things kids make for you. i’m not saying chunk it all into the trash can, but weed it out at least. i like to keep a few things every year to display so the kids know hey, i’ve been here awhile and to start conversations.
  • broken stuff. awhile ago, the middle drawer of my desk just fell off in the middle of class. i shoved the drawer into the corner of my desk area. and there it still sits. why? i don’t know. it should be in the trash because i have tried to fix it and other people have too. it’s beyond repair. so it’s place is the now the trash.
  • supplemental materials and books that you will never use? trash or gift them.
  • extra copies of papers.  any kinds.  i have so many.  if they’re not needed, get rid of them.
  • personal things that aren’t meaningful.  it’s easy to collect these over time and before you know it, you are inundated.
  • think about your relationships at school.  is there anything that needs to be “cleaned up” or “discarded”?

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