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2•17 | high five for friday!


the school year is ⅔ done!  the spring semester always goes by in a flash.  but i have some fun stuff coming up.  i like the busyness and the pressure on some level.  it keeps things interesting.  and SXSWedu is in just a couple weeks!!



i was featured in one of my planner friend’s video.  so fun!


i went back this week to get the stitches out of my back and i got a clear bill of health.  the doc got all the bad cells.  so for now, i don’t have skin cancer, but this will be a lifelong thing to deal with.  i’m stocking up on sunscreen and am definitely being more vigilant.


i went to a concert two weekends ago (i skipped last week’s H54F).  it was great, don’t get me wrong.  but it was also the surprise goodbye show of one of my favorite local bands.  i will miss their music so much!


i discovered a new podcast a couple weeks ago and i’ve been binging on it.  if you love true crime, you would love “my favorite murder”.  it’s hard to explain, but it’s about murders, feminism, humor, and truth.  click here for an amazing buzzfeed article that came out this week about the show.  remember: stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

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