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february plan with me | #plannergirl


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click HERE for my january plan with me!

i used a small kit from paper panduh.  looking back, i think it was actually a personal planner kit.  but no matter!  it was a good amount for my white space planning style.  i used some washi tape i already had to make some flags for my weekend banner (see above) and my weekly to-do list (see below).

i put some rose gold heart washi (from hobby lobby) at the bottom to balance out the washi flags.  i added a weekend banner and some of the deco that i wanted to make sure i had room for.  i also marked valentine’s day with a half box and put in my school headers.

on the sidebar, i added in a couple to-dos, my breakfast and dinner menu, a habit tracker, and my cleaning list.

i added in any bill due stickers and because this was a payday week, i added that in so i wouldn’t forget.  i also added in some events, my meal plan and prep reminders, and my high five for friday list.  as the week went on, i added in post-its during the school day so that i knew to put down stickers when i got home.  if it’s just a school to-do though, it went in the daily lists.

i added in my weather doodles at the top, marked the school games with simple sports balls, and noted my meetings with gold flags.  i also added a big flag for my doctor appointment reminder.

this is updated through tuesday.  i added in a workout sticker and some deco.  i use washi or decorative headers to separate my school day from my evenings.  i added a couple things to my H54F list too.

here is a close-up of the bottom of the first part of my week.


this is updated through thursday.  i added in some deco stickers to mark that wednesday was insanely busy and journaled about my headache.  i added a favorite quote on thursday and marked my workout by layering a happy planner sticker with the shoe.  i finished my H54F list and completely my blog post.  i also added in a few more deco stickers and finished up my weather doodles.


this is updated through saturday.  almost done!


and here is the completed week!



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