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2•24 | high five for friday!


i took this monday off.  just ’cause.  it’s good to refresh.  i spent the day watching “la la land”.  i thought i would love it, and don’t get me wrong, i did.  but the ending totally bummed me out. it was beautifully made and fun to watch but i wish someone would have warned me!


i played a small role in a friend’s son’s prom-posal. i love lettering and i’ve done several projects for friends.  this is one of my faves!


i got a new texas shirt this week from one of my favorite texas t-shirt companies, tumbleweed texstyles.  i actually already have this shirt.  but in a different color!  so getting another one is fine! 🙂


this week’s planner spread has been so much fun!  hail queen B!  i’ll post the completed spread next week!


love this quote!  it really spoke to me this week.  it’s good to be unsettled sometimes.  it teaches you lessons.

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 and meet at the barre!


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