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february 2017 monthly favorites.

{favorite makeup and skincare}

neutrogena ultra sheer sunscreen spf 70 – after my skin cancer scare that i’ve been dealing with for the past couple months, i have been more careful about wearing sunscreen all. the. time.  i like this sunscreen because i can blend it into my moisturizer and it’s not greasy.  it sits well under my makeup.

burts bees tinted lip balm in hibiscus – i like this balm because it’s been so dry here in west texas.  i can’t wear lipstick and for sure not liquid lipstick.  this lip balm is tinted just enough.  this color is like my lip color but a little darker.

{favorite words}

{favorite books}

a thousand letters by staci hart – i have always loved jane austen.  i think i first read pride and prejudice when i was 13 or so and then devoured all her books.  the only one i didn’t like was emma.  so this book is like a modern adaptation of my favorite after p&p, persuasion.  (staci hart is one of my favorite authors lately.  her wasted words series is great too.)  from what i understand, this is the start of a new series so i hope the others are this good too!

{favorite tv shows & movies}

big little lies (HBO) – i loved this book.  it’s one of my favorite thrillers.  so i knew i had to see the miniseries.  i’m ordering a month to month subscription to HBO until it’s over.  the actors are doing a great job so far!

game of thrones – i’m a little late to this one.  i just never cared about it.  but since i have an HBO subscription to see big little lies, i figured i might as well take advantage of all the shows.  listen, i am not into the supernatural crap.  but the drama?  everyone knows i love a little drama.  it’s like medieval real housewives. jk.  but it’s good!  not my fave, but good.

{favorite YouTube}

i am featured in this video from on of my planner friends!  so fun!

{favorite moments}  

my currently list for february!
went bowling with my girlfriends! discovered i’m terrible at bowling…
did a little lettering on a friend’s son’s prom-posal!
if i don’t laugh, i cry.
scout looks like an absolute psycho in the pic, but she’s actually quite sweet!
GSP announced that he was coming out of retirement. 🙂
liberty is such a sweetheart.
i’m not surprised by this quiz…
this was a sunrise on my way to school one morning. so pretty.

kat and i at the last stangetowne concert. a sad but still fun night!
i wish i was prepared for this… the last concert.
i found this pic when i was moving and saved it for my friend jess’s bday.
this is exciting!
i’m proud i finished, but i’m not proud of what i’ve done since then. maybe i’ll just start it again???
this planner spread cracked me up!

{favorite posts}

whole 30 | week 4   january plan with me  •  teaching tip 69. time for some spring cleaning!  •  february plan with me

{looking forward to…}  SXSWedu!  my sister’s baby shower.  warmer weather!  spring freakin’ break.  beauty and the beast!  a busy month at school (when we’re there).

{past monthly faves}

january 2017

december 2016

november 2016

october 2016

september 2016

august 2016

july 2016

june 2016

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