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3•3 | high five for friday!


having taught for ten years, i can say that there’s just some students that stand out. these two definitely did. i’m so proud of them and the choices they’ve made for themselves and each other.  congrats you too! 


we needed a happy hour like crazy this past friday.  but as it usually does, happy hour turns into hours… and we ended up bowling and hanging out until late into the night!


this week was a great one at school.  the kids were pretty mellow and we had some good conversations.  this unit (about political revolutions) is one of my favorite in world history.  and after today, my spring break starts because i’ll miss next week for a conference.  whoohoo!

Teachers before spring break be like. Teacher meme. Teacher humor.:


i’m striving to reach this level of content.  every day is a little bit closer.  🙂


i’m leaving for the SXSWedu conference on sunday.  i had such a great time last year, and i’m so excited to go again!


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