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fave shops for planner supplies

you can find happy planner stickers at michael’s or hobby lobby. that’s a great place to start.  (both places offer a 40% coupon off anything and product specific coupons on their apps.)  i particularly like the seasonal pack (it’s worth the investment), the planner basics pack, and the quote packs.

the recollections washi is my favorite “affordable” washi.  you can find it at michaels.  if you have the app, you can always find a coupon.  there’s also washi at hobby lobby too, of course.

then when you’re ready to make it rain with planner stickers, graduate to etsy.  a lot of shops have moved to doing just decorative kits, which are expensive and i’m not into them.  it’s too much for me.  i like to have more control, personalization, and function.

here’s a quick tip: before you buy anything on etsy, check the shop’s instagram for a coupon code.  most of the time, there’s one available or they have a sale running.

so these are my current favorite shops:


nikki plus three – she has kind of a vintage style, and i’m totally into it.  she also ships really quickly. she also has a youtube channel where she shares her spreads each week.

wild summer designs – this is a new favorite!  her kits are great quality for the price.  i particularly like the mini kits because they’re the perfect size for me.  (she almost always has a coupon code running that is advertised on her instagram!)  she also has a new website that she is migrating to so check there too!

glam planner and glam planner prints – elle actually has two shops.  i still haven’t really figured out why…  i think one is specifically for pre-sales.  but anyway, her kits are gorgeous, and they are of excellent quality.  sometimes they’re too girly for me so i don’t subscribe or anything.  they are pretty pricey, but if you’re economical, you can get two or three spreads out of one of her kits.  if you do order a pre-sale item, just be ready to wait 6 weeks.  another good option is her buy/sell/trade group on Facebook.  that’s where i’ve found a few spreads exclusive to her subscription that i can’t live without.  (elle’s youtube channel)

paper dove shop – her stickers are beautiful!!  the matte is so rich and buttery.  i like her designs so much.  they’re more modern but still just the right amount of girly.

gp sticker studio – this is an australian shop so you may have to wait a little longer, but they’re so pretty.  i order the personal size, and it fits my white space style. (gabi’s youtube channel)

fox and cactus – even though they ship from australia, these stickers are worth the wait.  and really, they do ship quickly.  her stickers are so fun and quirky.

oh hey sticker co – but this company, on the other hand, takes forever.  her stickers are fun and unique and great quality, but take a month or more to arrive!  just know what you’re getting into.

little dog paper co – she recently rebranded and is expanding all the time and adding new things.  her kits are so fun!  they’re all designed in house so they’re unique to her shop.  she had adorable cards too!

oh hello stationary co – this is one of my fave companies.  there’s a huge selection of stickers.   you can find pretty much anything you want here.  i like her mini kits too.

plannerkate1 – this shop has everything you could possibly need for planning all in once place!

the organizing companion and station stickers – if you’re into kits, these shops have some very pretty ones.

juice box paper co – this shop has lots of unique functional stickers.  she has a big selection.

karolina’s crafts – another one of my all-time faves.  she has tons of tiny functional stickers.

linnizplanner – this shop is in sweden.  but she has a great selection of functional stickers and they are priced just right!  she also ships quickly.

the nifty studio – if you’re looking for simple, multicolor functional stickers, this is the shop for you!  good prices too.

silent poetry arts – this is my favorite washi shop on etsy.  this washi is special and beautiful and unique.  you pay a little extra for that. 🙂


paper panduh – this is not an etsy shop, but i like this one.  i look on instagram for coupon codes and make strategic orders.  there is not much variety, but i love her style.

erin condren – also not an etsy shop.  but she now offers mini kits in the company patterns along with the trusty customizable stickers.


undo adhesive remover – life changing stuff! you can remove a sticker, reuse it, and there’s no damage to the paper. it’s a miracle!!


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