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march plan with me | I’m not human without coffee



i laid down post-its to mark events in the weeks before i did the actual decorating.  it helps me stay on track and not mess stuff up ahead of time.  i tend to change my mind a lot.  🙂  so the first thing that i did was choose some washi that matched the kit that i was using.  i don’t always use a kit.  it just depends on my mood.  but i never use a full kit.  i usually stretch it over 2-3 spreads.  this coffee one is adorable and from paper dove shop on etsy (the official name is “carly”.)

so after picking out some washi, i made my weekend banner washi and laid some washi down at the bottom.  since i wasn’t using a full kit, i just chose a silver polka dot one.  then, i put down a couple of the “full boxes” in my usual areas (beginning and end of the week).

then i put down the weekend banner over my washi to finish it off.  i always keep a list of the five best things that happened during the week.  i call it my high five for friday list.  it goes down on thursday because that’s when i write the blog post.  i also listed some social media to-dos on sunday night.  then, i finished off my sidebar to-do list with a mini washi banner and a label along with a habit tracker and a place for my meals.  on wednesdays, i always have a few midweek chores so i put a quick list there.

this is my pre-planning finished. i do a lot of the same things each week so this is the easy part.
here is the progress on monday. i added in a half box for my workouts this week. i used a little tennis shoe by linnizplanner. it matched perfectly. i also added in some silver accents.
here is tuesday’s progress. i went ahead and planned some of wednesday too. i wanted to make sure i used that girl full box so i made space for it. i also added in some weekend events.
here is wednesday’s progress.  i love the deco full boxes with this kit!  i made sure to leave some room to use them.
my official midweek!

loved this weather banner and the washi i used!
completed weekly spread!

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