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peek inside my planner | march 2017

i was so glad to see my more girly spreads from february gone.  i had some fun with march!  these spreads were diverse.  some had tons of color and some were neutral.  for some i used kits, and for some i didn’t.  it’s interesting to keep changing it up to see what happens.  i love all the spreads this month except for maybe my st. patty’s spread.  it just never really came together.  but the rest were some of my all-time favorites!

i use the 18 month 2016-17 erin condren life planner in the neutral, hourly version.  click HERE for my overview of my planner when i first bought it back in july.

click HERE for my recent plan with me post on the last week of march!

click HERE for my favorite sticker shops and other places for planner supplies.

click HERE for my favorite planner pens.

click HERE for my planner story.

click HERE for an explanation of common planner lingo.

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and now!  my march planner pages…


throwback to the past two years! oh how things have changed!

recent haul from wild summer designs and glam planner.
recent haul from the crafty banana and gp sticker studio.

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