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march 2017 monthly favorites.

{favorite makeup and skincare}

i didn’t buy any makeup in march!  so i don’t have much to share, but i do have this… olay regenerist luminous light hydrating lotion and overnight mask.  i ran out of my day and night cream at the same time so i decided to try these.  i’m trying to step up my skincare routine and invest in products for my skin as i get older.  i like both of these because they’re light.  i hate greasy. supposedly they will even out my skin tone, but only time will tell.

{favorite words}

i ordered this print from pigeon letters on etsy!
there was an awesome story this month about a female runner in seattle who was attacked by a man in a park. she kept yelling “not today, motherfucker!” and she syched herself up enough to actually defend herself and kick his ass in the process. total badass.

{favorite books}

sense and sensibility – i am currently rereading this one.  each year, a different jane austen book is my “favorite”.  this is the frontrunner right now.

finnish lessons 2.0 – i’m not quite finished with this one, but it’s very interesting.  it covers why finland has been so successful not just with their educational system but with their society (and how education fits in with it).  it’s given me some interesting insight into what problems we’re facing in the US and what we can change.

{favorite tv shows & movies}

making history – this show is so silly.  but that’s how i like my comedies sometimes.  plus it’s got a little history fun thrown in.

the arrangement – this E! show is pure fluff.  but i like fluff sometimes.  it’s about an up and coming actress who enters into a legal contract marriage with a movie star who also happens to be connected to a weird cult.  think tom cruise and katie holmes because that’s exactly what it’s based on.

big little lies – i have to mention this one one more time because it’s that good.  the stories interwoven with main plot perfectly.  it does the book justice.  the music gets me too.  it pairs so well.

{favorite YouTube}

i’ve always been into true crime, but my interest has intensified in the past year. i found this new channel (cayleigh elise) through the facebook group for my favorite podcast, my favorite murder.  this channel that has super interesting cases, and i like the way she tell the stories.

{favorite moments}  

i had a great time at SXSWedu and in austin.

my spring break was relaxing but also productive.

my sister’s baby shower was so sweet.

my sisters and i went to see beauty and the beast.  loved it!

got back to my workouts…finally!

i have to present at the school board meetings now as a part of my job.  i had my first one and it went okay.  i talked too much and was a little nervous, but i’ll do better next time!

first round of STAAR tests are done!  the next round is the first week of may.  it’s always a relief when it’s done.

i loved this spread!

{favorite posts}

so you want to go to SXSWeduplanning on a budget •  march plan with me  •  march peek inside my plannerfave shops for planner supplies 

{looking forward to…}  warmer weather and sunshine.  hopefully some more rain!  only a matter of weeks before school is out!  easter weekend.  maybe some concerts? some fun and creative planner spreads.

{past monthly faves}

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