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april plan with me | that time my planner matched my blog!


previous plan with me’s: march february | january 

for this week, i used a kit by the glam planner called “room goals”.  really, i just bought it because it was the same clip art that i am currently using for my blog.  i just couldn’t resist.  i didn’t like all of the kit, but the deco stickers, the marble backgrounds, and the soft pastel colors got me for a fun spring spread.

i am a “plan as i go” planner, which means that i plan a bit each day to finish off the current day and plan ahead with whatever i can.  this style fits me so that i can both plan ahead but not so much that i have to change too many things.  (thank goodness for undo though!)

i went ahead and cut down the bottom washi to make it a little thinner. i’ll use the leftovers in another spread.  looking back, i would have left out the washi under the weekend banner.  it was a bit too much.

before and during my planning, i use post-its to mark events and to-dos so that i can decide later where to put things.

this is my preplanning – basically the things i know i need to do for the week ahead of time.
here’s what i started with on monday morning.
sometimes i like to flip half boxes vertically. beside this fashion girl, it totally works.




completed week!

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