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4•14 | high five for friday!


there are only five weeks left of my school year after this week.  it feels like we are getting out super early this year but it’s only a week or so early.  but i love the countdown to summer!  it’ll be here before we know it.


i started a youtube channel for my planner stuff.  i had been debating doing it for awhile, but i took the plunge this week.  here’s my first video!


i am back to my workout schedule.  for three weeks in a row, i have worked out four to five times a week.  it feels so good!


he is risen! and easter weekend is here!  fortunately, i have a four day weekend, which is a nice break in between spring break and summer.

easter coffee!!!


if you like interesting and somewhat strange people, you will love this podcast!  i finished it this week.  the only thing i’ll say is that it’s about a man from a small southern town with lots of secrets.

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 and meet at the barre!


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