kitty cats

in memory

this is luca.

he passed away last june.  it’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year.  but it has.  i think about him every day.  he was so special to me that it’s hard to explain.  and i knew on the very day that he passed on that i wanted to do something to honor him.  something that would stick around for awhile.  something special.  i had him cremated.  now, you might think this is weird on its own.  but i had an idea.  i wanted to plant something for him… and with him.  but it took me a long time to get to that point, to take the step.  but yesterday was the day.

i had this portrait done of him. it’s my favorite!
i got this tattoo for him.

it started off as a normal day off.  i slept in.  when i woke up, i had some coffee and went for a run.  then when i got home, i went out to check my mail.  when i turned around on the sidewalk, i noticed my neighbor (who i had just passed) laying face down on the concrete.  it took me a minute for my brain to register what was happening.  but then the adrenaline kicked in and i ran to her.  she was unconscious.  the mailman stopped her van and stayed with her while i ran in to get my phone and call 911.  the mailman stayed until i got off the phone with 911 and my neighbor woke up.  then i stayed with her until the firetruck and ambulance showed up and took her away.  as i watched them ask adele (i learned her name from her mail as i sat not the ground with her as we wiped blood off her face and arms) what year it was.  she didn’t know.  she laughed at the emt and said, “that’s a silly question!”.  when the emt asked again, she admitted she didn’t know. later, they got her onto the gurney and the firefighters washed the blood off of my sidewalk. and i realized that i was meant to be there for her.  it was the early afternoon.  no one else was around as they were at work.  but i had the day off and i was walking to the mailbox at a weird time because she needed me.

(i learned a few hours later from her son-in-law that she broke her elbow and nose and had a brain bruise from hitting her forehead on the concete. she also didn’t remember anything until a bunch of handsome men surrounded her – the firemen! haha! she’s my kind of gal.)

after i called my mama and calmed down, i made the decision that today was the day.  today was the day that i honored luca.  i wasn’t going to put it off any longer.  so i went to a local garden center and talked to a veteran who clearly knew much more about plants than i did (which wasn’t hard because i have a black thumb).  but he walked me through it and told me everything i needed to do.  so i did it.

i found lots of roots, rocks, and worms.  i put luca’s ashes around the shrub once i got it into the hole.
and here it is!

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