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teaching tip 56. hang on until the end.

originally published on 4•13•15 | updated on 4•26•17

i’ve started counting down the days.  every teacher does no matter how long they’ve been at it.  the closer to the end of the year, the harder it is to do a good job.  it’s natural to get a little apathetic.  but you have to fight it and finish strong.

here’s some tips to help you hang on until the end:

1.  go with the flow – things are going to come up.  it’s a crazy time.  try to roll with the punches.

2.  don’t stop teaching – the worst thing to do is to give up, show movies, and hand out coloring pages.  not only will the admin look down on it, but your kids will go INSANE.    they still need the structure even though the pressure is off.

3.  balance fun with learning – there will be times when you just need to relax for a little bit and enjoy spending time with your kids.

4.  avoid negativity – teachers will want to bitch and complain about the students’ behavior, drama around the school, and anything else they can think of.  sometimes you need to join in, but if you get sucked into it every time, it will bring you down.  gravitate toward positivity especially at the end of the year.

5.  stick to your own rules – this goes with #2.  you’ve established expectations.  just because it’s the end of the year doesn’t mean you can throw them out the window.  yes, you can ease up a bit, but don’t let it get away from you.

6.  this is the time for projects – projects are a great way to finish up some state standards you haven’t got to.  plus, it keeps them busy long term, which means less planning for you.

7.  take it outside – if you can fit it into your plans and want to, go outside!  you want to get out there and soak up the sunshine just as much as they do.

8.  clean out your classroom – this is a great time to do some spring cleaning.  clean out anything that is not necessary.  i do this every year.  it’s therapeutic and sometimes you find things that you forgot about!

9.  reflect on the year – look back on your lesson plans throughout the year.  add notes for what worked well and what needs to be changed.  jot down any ideas of future activities.

10.  make a list of things you want to change the next year – this can include ideas about classroom management, organization and decorations, and lesson planning.

11.  start planning for the next year – get a jump start in the spring and summer on the next year.  it will make less work for later and take some of the stress off of the new year.

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