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april 2017 monthly favorites.

{favorite beauty products}

revlon colorstay gel envy nail polishes – i usually do a clear coat on my nails and call it a day.  but recently, i’ve been wanting to branch out.  i saw someone mention that the gel envy polishes were great and since they are very affordable, i thought i would try them out.  and they really are great!  i can paint my nails on sunday and they last until saturday if i am not working in the yard or anything.  and i’m pretty hard on my nails.  i’m super impressed!  i’ve bought all of the neutral and pale pink shades.

{favorite words}


{favorite podcasts}

the purrrcast – this is for all the cat lovers out there.  i found this podcast through my current favorite (my favorite murder) because their sound guy is one of the hosts of the purrrcast.  it’s pretty simple (in the best way) – the hosts just talk about different topics and stories about cats.  🙂

small town murder – this is a great podcast for a social studies teacher like myself.  the first twenty minutes of each episode is all about the demographics of a small town somewhere in america.  then, the rest of the episode is about a murder that happened in the town.  then they finish by connecting the effects of the murder to the town.  i love stories, facts, and statistics so this one is right up my alley.

s-town – this is such an interesting story.  it’s heartbreaking but also fascinating.  basically, a man in small southern town tells stories about his town and life.  but he has many problems which come to the surface in the story.

{favorite tv shows & movies}

girlboss – this new netflix series is based on the young life of sophia amuruso, aka nasty gal.  it’s funny and sweet.

oklahoma city – this is a pbs documentary that is now on netflix.  i was in 5th grade when this tragedy happened.  but as my true crime obsession has grown, i wanted to know more about the story.  this documentary tells the story very well.  i cried, but i also learned.

queen sugar – this is a series originally on the oprah network, but it’s now on hulu.  it’s entertaining as any good soap drama is.

{favorite YouTube}

i’m going to do some shameless promotion here but i’m excited about this… i started my own youtube channel to share my planner stuff.  here’s my first couple videos:

{favorite moments}  

i got through two school board meetings. i talked too much in the first one (go figure!) but i nailed the second one. 🙂

i won a couple giveaways on instagram for some free planner stuff.

this spread!

i tried out some virtual reality in my classroom!  it was fun for the kids and got them learning in a different way.

scout has been on a tear lately.  she can be such an asshole.  but i still love her just as much.  she plays hard and loves hard.

the end of school countdown is on!


i started my youtube channel! (see my first two videos above)

i planted a shrub for my kitty that passed away last year.

william clark green!

{favorite posts}

april planner haul  •  in memory  •  teaching tip 70. never make big decisions in april  •  how i use my EC hourly planner and my new youtube channel!  •  april plan with me | that time my planner matched my blog!  •  teaching tip 56. hang on until the end!  •

{looking forward to…}  school being over.  it’s been a good year, don’t get me wrong.  but every teacher longs for summer 🙂  •  the rain and snow!  •  my birthday (kinda)  •  saying goodbye to some people (because they’re moving on to bigger and better things!) 

{past monthly faves}

march 2017 

february 2017

january 2017

december 2016

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october 2016

september 2016

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