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advice for ordering with Erin Condren | UPDATE

tomorrow (5.4.17) is the official presale day for erin condren!!  yea! it’s exciting!  i actually got to pre-pre-order on monday.  but i feel the excitement!  i have some advice for having a good ordering experience, but let me tell you about some previous orders…

click HERE for a recap of my ordering experience two years ago.  basically, i had quite a time.  lots of hoops.  i loved my planner guts (the insides) but the rose gold coil was an ongoing issue.  the ends were sharp and it chipped like crazy.  looking back, it was a mistake to try out the rose gold coil the first year they offered it, especially since they jacked up the price so much.

but then last year, they made some changes.  they then had four coil options, including the new black one.  now, based on two years ago, i was wary of trying it.  but i went for it when the people who got it early said how awesome and pretty it was.  it ended up being a good decision.  {click HERE for my review of my 2016-17 planner.}  i loved the look of it, and it was more sturdy than the metallics.

luckily, i only had that one bad order.  the other ten have been perfect.  but often the unsatisfied voices are the loudest.  just know that a bad order is not normal.  not this year.  it seems like EC has worked out a lot of their quality control issues.  after you check out my advice below, click HERE if you’re interested in ordering and want $10 off your first order. (the $10 off code will be sent in an email after you’ve registered that might go to your spam folder so check there if you don’t get it right away.)

so here’s some advice if you find yourself ordering from EC:

  • double check your order before you submit – any mistakes are your own since most things are personalized and there are no refunds if the mistake is yours.
  • think twice on the limited and special editions of the planners (i.e. metallic plated) and go straight for the platinum or black coiled life planner.  it will look better and you’ll have less problems with it. but, if you think you’ll be easy on it, try out the metallic ones.
  • to save a little money, you can order your planner unpersonalized.  it now costs $5 extra to add your name.  then you can go and add some interchangeable covers for about $8-13.  these covers include personalization for free.  i can’t explain it.  it’s just how it is.  🙂
  • use a referral code for your first order.  it will get you $10 off and every bit helps.  click HERE if you need one.  it will send you an email with directions.
  • make as few orders as possible because you must pay for shipping each time and it ain’t cheap.
  • be prepared for a wait.  it could be anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks for your order to ship.  this also depends on the time of the year.  the longest wait times will be at launch time (may) and before the start of the new year (december).
  • watch the youtube reviews, but take them with a grain of salt.  some people are so incredibly picky and just looking for something to hate.  (the ends of the coils will always be a little different because they are cut and bent by hand.  as long as they’re tucked into the coil correctly and not able to cut you or the paper, they’re fine.  also, the metallic coils will most likely chip over time so be prepared for that.  the silver is not plated and the black is coated with something different so you don’t have to worry about it with those.  just something to keep in mind.)
  • when you receive your order, look over everything – check every single page for mistakes, examine your coil, etc.
  • if there is a problem, submit an error report (located on your order page) instead of an email to customer service.  this will go to the place that actually does the orders.
  • send pictures with detailed explanations for each one in your emails to the customer service rep.
  • if you don’t get the response you think you deserve, end it and start a new conversation.  you will get a different person and be able to start over with hopefully different results.
  • now this one may be difficult when you’re upset – while emailing with the customer service rep (sorry, no phone number…), be as cordial as possible while you explain the situation fully.  as they say, you get more bees with honey than with vinegar.
  • don’t give up.  these products cost a lot of money and you’re entitled to your order in perfect condition.
  • talk to other people on facebook and instagram to see what is working for other customers.  use their ideas.  also, when other people were getting a different and better response than me, i started screenshoting their CS explanations and attaching that to my emails.  it helped.
  • be patient.  no matter if your product comes in perfect condition or if it needs some help, the EC customer service will make it right…or you will make them make it right.

check the erin condren site out HERE if you’re interested and want $10 off your first order. (the $10 off code will be sent in an email after you’ve registered that might go to your spam folder so check there if you don’t get it right away.)


6 thoughts on “advice for ordering with Erin Condren | UPDATE

  1. This company are disgusting thieves. Only offer a reprint even if an error THEY made is found AFTER you’ve put $150+ of stickers in the diary or a credit that only covers the shipping. They are despicable and I am FURIOUS they will not return my money. I hope Erin Satan rots in hell!!!!

    1. i’m sorry you had a misprint. that’s why it’s important to look over every page when you receive it. they don’t do refunds as listed on their website, but they do offer reprints. from what i understand, you did get a reprint offer. perhaps, you can nicely ask for and receive your reprint and coil in the reprinted pages. i can only speak for my experience, but when i found a problem with one order, i sent pictures and they made it right with a reprint.

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