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5•5 | high five for friday!


thank a teacher this week! 🙂


i worked on these chalkboards for a friend’s son’s graduation party this week.  the wood had a cool texture and it made the chalk marker and wax look natural and cool.


i ordered my new planner this week.  i actually got to order early on monday.  now i’m waiting (im)patiently.


i’ve been putting a lot of time and energy into my youtube channel lately.  i’m taking things slowly and trying to do things right.  i want to be true to myself.  so if that means filming something several times or rewriting the description, i’ll do it.  i’m up to 32 subscribers, which is super cool (to me).  it’s so fun to share my hobby, see it grow, and get positive feedback.  if you’d like to check out my most recent video, i have embedded it below! 🙂




for all of the past weekend, it snowed.  that’s right…it snowed.  in texas.  in late april.  never a dull moment.  but now it’s been all sunny and beautiful this week.  spring is here to stay, and summer is right around the corner!

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 and meet at the barre!


2 thoughts on “5•5 | high five for friday!

  1. The weather this week has been nuts! Luckily it didn’t snow over here but it went from 90 one day to 50 something. My allergies are all over the place. Happy teacher appreciation week!

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