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5•12 | high five for friday!


happy birthday and mother’s day to my mama!  i’m so grateful to have her.  we’ve had our ups and downs (we won’t talk about my teenage years), but we’re in a better place than we’ve ever been.  she’s one of my best friends!  also, happy mother’s day to my sister (even though my nephew isn’t here yet!)!


i uploaded a new planner sticker haul this week!  check it out below!  my first plan with me video is coming next week!  eek!


only 5 and a half more days of school! i updated my kitchen chalkboard for the occasion! 🙂


my little baby kitty is not such a baby anymore!  scout is a year old now, and she has gotten huge!!  she’s a mess but i love her so much!  she does everything 100% – plays, loves, guards the house against bugs (RIP cricket on thursday morning), naps, and annoys the shit out of me.


last weeks’ planner spread turned out to be so beautiful!

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 and meet at the barre!


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