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happy birthday to me.

i’m 33 today. the past year has not been without its difficult moments but overall, it’s been a great one.  

i’ve checked off several things from my to do list. i now own a home. i started (and maybe quit – still deciding…) grad school, took on more of a leadership role in my school, etc.

but still, there’s so much to do and try and figure out.  here’s a small sampling:

  • dog sledding in alaska (just riding along and for a short period of time – i don’t like the cold)
  • become debt free and have enough cash to make it rain
  • eat without spilling my food on my clothes
  • grow my YouTube channel and make new connections!
  • own an emerald ring (my birthstone)
  • solve all of the levels on the app dots
  • sit on a jury
  • hug a lion (possibly take a big cat nap) and not die
  • solve a real murder mystery
  • learn how to actually keep my houseplants alive
  • when the technology advances, i want thicker hair – i know someone is working on this…
  • take a painting and wine class
  • backpack across europe – maybe by myself
  • own a freaking tiny house already 
  • perfect my recipes for biscuits, salted caramel sugar cookies, and apple pie
  • take a cruise somewhere tropical
  • get lasic eye surgery 
  • write a book (i have no idea about what)

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