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5•19 | high five for friday!


it’s the last day of school!! we got out so early this year.  i can’t say it was worth it.  we only got one week at christmas.  😦  but i’ll still take it.  graduation is tomorrow.  it’s always bittersweet, but i like the finality of it, the closing of a door and the opening of another.  earlier this week, i took a group that had done an awesome job on their end of year projects to town to eat.  we had such a blast. it reminded me (during this difficult and long week) why i do this job.


i received my new planner this week!  planning has become such an important hobby to me.  the people involved in the community are so fun and supportive.  it’s a great outlet for my creativity.  when i design a page, it’s like therapy.  so it is fun to start again in a new planner.  an unboxing is coming soon!


i turned 33 this week.  it was a good year and a great birthday.  every one of the gifts and kind words i received were so thoughtful.


it’s been one year since i bought my house.  we’ve been through a lot, but i love my little house.


we got word this week that my nephew could be arriving at any moment!  eek!  so exciting!  i’m looking forward to seeing the real him and not a blog on a screen!  🙂

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