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my first plan with me video!

below is my first plan with me video.  it was much harder than i thought it would be to film and edit.  but i learned some valuable lessons and will get better at it.  it was kind of weird talking to essentially myself for an hour.  i think i’ll get better at “making conversation”.  it was a fun experience overall though!

you know, i’ve been thinking a lot about continuing grad school or not.  i think after this, i realized something.  i asked myself: would you rather spend all of your weekend reading and writing papers about topics that are generally not that interesting or doing something that you’re passionate about and love doing?  i’d rather do the thing that brings me real joy and that’s planning.  so i’m not closing the door on grad school altogether, but i’m definitely putting it on hold.

3 thoughts on “my first plan with me video!

  1. Looking forward to watching this later this evening! I’ve been using a Happy Planner since January but bit the bullet and ordered an EC to start in July because I really need the hourly scheduling for my job. I’m looking forward to see how you balance decorating and functionality!

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