home sweet home

house update: lessons learned

it’s been one year since i bought my house! i have always loved my little house, but i’ve also been frustrated and angry at times too. i am a person who prepares for things, but i was not prepared for this adventure.

things have thankfully calmed down but i’m always waiting for the next thing to fix.  i was debt free before buying my house. it put a dent into my long term and short term plans, and i’m still working my way back to feeling comfortable financially again. it’s all one big learning experience! here’s a few things i learned during my first year:

sometimes people will take advantage of you. like that plumber who straight up lied to me and wanted to replace all of the pipes in my house for over $20,000.

go with referrals.  you can save so much money.  sometimes, i want to do it myself and not ask for help.  but there are people around town who want to do you favors, get you the right names of reputable companies, etc. so you’ll spread the good news.  don’t be above that.

forget the home warranty company. my realtor negotiated one for me but i don’t think it’s worth it with the experiences i’ve had.  you don’t have any say in who shows up at your house. see dumbass plumber above.

set an alarm to water the grass and plants. otherwise you’ll probably forget and basically murder your grass, like me.

it takes a lot of work to get your yard looking nice.  so water your grass. but don’t overwater. it’s a balance. 🙂 and even then the west texas sun and wind will try to kill some of it.  it needs babying.

at first, i kept my neighbors at a distance.  some of them are weird as hell.  but then something happened and it brought the right neighbors into my life.  my elderly neighbor fell in front of my house.  i was the only one there because it was the middle of the afternoon on a holiday and everyone was working.  i called 911 and got her taken care of.  in the aftermath, i met and got to know her daughter and two next door neighbors.  i’m so glad that i was there to help adele, but also that it brought me closer to my good neighbors.

i’ll never be done decorating.  it’s a constant process. i have it how i want it now, but i will forever be tweaking it.  the thought of painting again makes me straight up angry though.

i need to learn more about home maintenance.  youtube videos are great for the small stuff.  for the bigger stuff, i call in the experts and then pick their brains while they work.  all of them have been really helpful in this regard.  they’re happy to teach you.

owning a home is expensive.  i now have a part of my monthly budget set aside specifically for home repairs.  if i don’t use it, great.  but it’s there if i need it.  and i’ve needed it almost every month.

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