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5•29 | murderino monday

click HERE for my first murderino monday.

for this week, i have a hometown murder story.  i have actually a couple, but this one has been on my mind lately so i’ll start with it…

i grew up in a small town in the texas panhandle, and i have a small connection to the case.  my grandparents were friends with the victim’s boss, a local lawyer.  i learned about this murder just this year, and it’s fascinating.  click HERE for the most recent news story on it.

so way back in 1969, a young and soon to be divorced woman, elsa nickell, was found dead in her home one sunday morning.  her brother was concerned when he couldn’t get in touch with her and went into the house around the back when she didn’t answer her door.  her neighbors came over and thinking they were doing a good thing, cleaned up the scene and elsa herself.  in the process, they destroyed valuable evidence.

elsa had been smothered with a pillow, and there was evidence of both a visitor and some kind of a struggle.  there were also two wine glasses sitting on the counter.  who was there??  they did find hair and fingerprints too, but the crime scene was contaminated by the many people in and out of the house, not to mention the neighbors cleaning up the house.

elsa was remembered fondly for being kind and hardworking.  everyone loved her…or so it seemed.  her boss was a local lawyer.  i asked my mom if she remembered anything about it. she was just a kid at the time, but i was curious if she recalled anything. my grandparents are both gone now but i wish i could ask them too. but my mom said that one thing was that the lawyer and his family left town immediately after the murder.  they stayed in a hotel in a nearby city for a few days because he thought that he might be the real target. nothing ever came of it though.

over the years, people came forward with information, but nothing could ever be nailed down.  even now, they say that it’s an active case.  but time is still ticking along, and people from the time are dying or moving away.

here’s the kicker though… the police say they know who did it and the motive, but they still don’t have the evidence to convict them so they won’t release the names or any other information.  AND these people are still living in the small town.  what.  the.  hell.  how crazy is that???  the murderer or murderers are still living there and have been for almost fifty years.  scary.

i think about elsa every once in awhile and wonder what happened to her.  her brother still comes out each year to keep her story in the news.  i hope that it gets solved soon but who knows!  with the lack of evidence, it’s very doubtful.  still, every time i go back to visit the town, i think about poor elsa, and then i think about her murderers who still live there.  i look at every stranger i see and think, was it you?

as always, stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

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7 thoughts on “5•29 | murderino monday

  1. Hi Erin–
    I’m the lawyer’s daughter….I am 54 years old. How could I friend you on social media so we could speak privately about this? I am very curious who your grandparents are. A friend of mine and I are writing a book….she wrote the 2013 & the 2015 articles that were sampled in the article above that you link to.
    Our most recent article was published in the July 25th edition of the Panhandle Herald. There’s a lot more to this situation it seems….
    My name is Sheryl Sherwood Oliver. I’d love to speak with you more.

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