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may 2017 monthly favorites.

{favorite makeup and skincare}

these are all products that i’ve either recently rediscovered or are my old faithfuls for the summer…

loreal pro matte foundation – i’ve mentioned this one in the past but it’s back because it is the time of the year when it’s perfect to wear here in hot texas.  it stays all day and looks great as long as you pair it with a primer and moisturize well before you put it on.  i prefer to apply it with a damp makeup sponge.

nyx brow mascara – this stuff is just good.  i like it more than benefit gimme brow because it doesn’t dry out quickly like gimme brow does.

revlon color stay just bitten kissable balm stain – i like that it is a balm first.  it has a minty feel and scent.  then once the balm is gone, your lips stay stained for a couple hours.  it’s no fuss, which is my favorite thing going into summer.  i like the shades honey and adore.  unfortunately, my new honey one is currently underneath my oven, thanks to a very mischievous kitty.  guess i’ll have to get another one!

{favorite words}

{favorite books}

i got underground airlines by ben winters for my birthday.  i just started it, but i can already tell that i’m going to like it!

i also got uninvited by lyse terkeurst and the handmaid’s tale by margaret atwood but haven’t started them so i’ll check in with those next month!

{favorite tv shows & movies}

catastrophe – this amazon prime show is so great!  it’s funny and heartfelt!  it’s a real romantic comedy.  season 3 just came out and it’s just as good as the previous ones.  i just wish the seasons were longer because i go through the episodes so quickly.

mommy dead and dearest – this is on HBO (but also on youtube if you’re poor like me).  it’s the story of gypsy rose and how she had her mother killed.  sounds depressing?  it is.  but it’s also a fascinating story of what happens when people treat another terribly for her whole life and she snaps.

the keepers this is such a sad story of the murder of a well-liked nun at a catholic girls school.  it’s still actually ongoing because the murder has not been solved and the catholic church in the area still won’t take responsibility for their part in the tragedy.  there are so many layers to the story.  it’s heartbreaking.

{favorite podcasts}

last podcast on the left – now that i’m all caught up on my favorite murder, i needed a different comedy murder podcast fix.  this one is not only super informative (it’s researched so thoroughly), but it’s funny and slightly inappropriate.

true crime garage – this one is definitely not a comedy podcast.  i just recently finished the casey anthony series, and it was fantastic.  sometimes it’s too much (that’s why i need the comedy sometimes) but i like the way they tell the stories.

{favorite YouTube}

i’m planning on doing some curl rehab on my hair in june.  i’m starting with a haircut and some new and old products.  this video is the video that inspired me to get back to the basics and take care of my hair like i know how to.

{favorite moments}  

this month was super busy with the end of school, but i don’t have a lot to share that was super fun.  but i definitely have a few!

i ordered my new planner!

teacher appreciation week.

mother’s day. 🙂

my birthday!

end of school and graduation.

i did my first plan with me video!  it’s rough in certain spots, but it’s okay and a good starting point.

summer time has begun!

this was cool!

i worked on my youtube channel a lot this month.  i’m proud of the progress i’m making with it!  i passed 700 followers on instagram!  i’m also up to 90 subscribers on youtube!  woohoo!

{favorite posts}

april peek inside my planneradvice for ordering with erin condrenmay planner sticker haulhappy birthday to meconversations with my students part 4my first murderino monday! my first plan with me video! house update: lessons learned • my second murderino monday • unboxing and thoughts on the new EC planner!

{looking forward to…}  the summer time!!  my nephew being born.  my middle sister’s birthday.  summer school to break up the monotony of the summer and to save up some money for a possible trip in july!  

{past monthly faves}

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