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whole 30 | round 2

since passing the 30 day mark back in february, i’ve had some missteps. i work well with constraints and guidelines. so when i didn’t have them anymore, i made some mistakes. it happened slowly, so slowly that i didn’t realize that it was really affecting me until about may.  it wasn’t that bad but i really did see what different food groups did to my body. wasn’t pretty.

here’s what i learned the first go around:

  • variety is fun until it’s not
  • be weary of dairy
  • limit the legumes
  • life is better sans starches
  • sugar is not so sweet
  • i don’t deserve preservatives
  • my stomach and head like the foods on the whole 30 list
  • the slippery slope is greased up with food from taco villa, sonic, and pizza so avoid it all together if needed

i also realized the importance of exercise.  i’m an active person…okay, semi-active.  i workout four to five times a week, but not like i used to.  i used to workout hard and really push myself.  but now, even though i do workout, i haven’t been challenging myself.  so just this past week, i decided to make an effort to choose workouts that will kick my ass in gear.

so i’ve been doing whole 30 again for three weeks now.  it’s not a complete redo.  it’s more like a reset.  that’s what i’m calling it anyway.  for the first two weeks, i was strict on what i was eating but cheated a couple times.  so this week, i’m adding in what those things that i know that work well for me.  this includes yogurt, some small amounts of cheese, a little peanut butter, and chocolate.

it all comes down to balance for me.  i know what my body wants and needs.  when i veer off on my own, my body lets me know.  i just have to listen to it.

so the action plan is as follows:
– workout HARD four to five times a week
– stick to the foods that my stomach and head can handle
– focus on strength and how i’m feeling over weight-loss
– indulge with caution and awareness
– plan tasty meals to avoid cheating

One thought on “whole 30 | round 2

  1. I’m just now starting to learn how to cook and it’s going to be an uphill climb! I’m going to do the same things you are and truly push myself in the gym rather than working out just to do it. Great post!


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