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6•26 | murderino monday


for this week, i’m drawn to the east area rapist.  he’s also known as the original night stalker and the golden state killer.  this one is another unsolved case.  i highly recommend the EAR series on the podcast, casefile.  it is a five part series that covers all the aspects of the case.  i particularly like that the host (with his very soothing australian accent) points out that the EAR had a tiny penis at every possible moment.  i hope it pisses off the EAR.  he deserves to be humiliated after what he did.  that’s the least he deserves…

so basically, this guy operated in california in the 70s and 80s.  he started by just stalking, terrorizing, and raping women in sacramento.  with each one, he got more brazen.  no matter what the police did to try to catch him, they couldn’t.  there were a couple close calls, but he always got away with it.

the police think that he may have been unstable in some way. i mean, he must have been to do what he did but he also had a stutter if he didn’t use a lower voice, he argued with himself in a weird tone, and sometimes he cried. i wonder what kind of mental illness or illnesses he had that became so pronounced when he committed his crimes. 

eventually, they had a community meeting to warn the people in the area of how he operated.  so this is the most interesting part of this case to me… he was at the meeting.  they even took a group picture that was in the paper the next day.  he was in the picture.  but it was too grainy to make out who he was.  here’s how they figured out he was there… there was a guy at the meeting who angrily spoke out and said something like “if there was a man in the house, this guy wouldn’t even attempt it.  i’d kick his ass” etc. etc.   so then a few weeks later, the EAR hit this guy’s house, subdued him, and raped his wife.  wtf.  that is some scary shit.

the EAR always adapted.  and he did it successfully.  when women home alone (may have had children or another woman in the house, but essentially alone) bored him or didn’t offer a challenge anymore, he escalated to attacking couples.  he would subdue both and then make the man go onto all fours on the floor.  he would put a teacup and saucer on his back as insurance.  if the man tried to escape or move, the teacup would fall and alert the EAR.  this totally worked.  finally, when people started fighting back more, he escalated again to murder.

all in all, he raped 50+ women and murdered 12+ people.  and he was NEVER CAUGHT.  i love unsolved cases.  they’re especially fascinating to me.  but this one got to me.  it may have been the recording on episode one of the casefile series of the EAR calling one of his victims survivors and threatening her.  it was eery and terrifying.  it gave me chills instantly.  it is replayed on episode four, and i had to skip it.  it’s so scary.  i had actual nightmares about it, and it kept me up at night.  and that never happens.

i hope they catch the guy.  the police got so close so many times, but it just never happened.  the EAR would probably be in his 70s at this point.  it’s not too late.  or maybe he’s already dead.  he did stop killing abruptly in the 80s.  so maybe he’s dead or possibly in jail.  or he could just be lying in wait, laying low.  hmmm…

true crime writer michelle mcnamara uncovered some new info, which should be released in her book.  unfortunately, she passed away suddenly before she could do it herself.  i hope that the EAR is caught using some of her info.  it would be a great way to honor her and her work.

as always, stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

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