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7•21 | high five for friday!


i’m heading out in a couple days to go see my baby nephew, greyson.  he just turned one month!  can’t wait to squeeze him!


speaking of greyson, i was asked by my sister to part of his birth announcement.  my lettering is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s improving all the time.  it just takes practice and patience, which for some reason i have plenty of when lettering.  i’m thinking of getting an iPad pro to take it up a notch?  maybe in the next couple months.


i did my first collab video this week!  one of my planner friends and i used the same sticker kit this week.  this was so fun!  definitely going to do some more in the future!


my sister, who has special needs, stayed with me this week while my parents were off on a trip.  it’s a challenge every year.  there’s always obstacles and frustrations that i won’t go into…  but we did have a fun time at the zoo and watched some fun movies.  i now have the entire “moana” soundtrack memorized.  😉



this past weekend, i caught up with some of my friends to watch a band play (the lead singer also happens to be a teacher at our school!).  while i was PMSing hardcore (and i mean HARDCORE), i did actually have fun once i relaxed and let myself get distracted.  i’m so thankful for these girls!



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