true crime

7•31 | murderino monday

i’ve been majorly slacking off when it comes to blogging…but i’m going to get back to it!

instead of sharing a story this week, i want to share some of my favorite images of the recent letter MFM challenge.  so for every other day in july, there were prompts provided to letter.  the prompts were common catchphrases from my favorite murder.  it was so fun!  it forced me to practice all the time and to get better.  now, i’ll be honest… my images were not the best.  in fact, i was at the bottom of the talent pile.  but the real artists were super inspiring!  almost all of them use an iPad Pro with the apple pencil.  being so inspired, i have decided to save up for an iPad Pro.  just imagine…you can just erase your mistakes but not have to start all the way over!  it’s my dream!  i already have about half of the money saved up because i decided not to go on a summer trip.  i’m thinking i’ll wait until black friday to see if there are any deals, but i’m definitely going to get one before the end of the year!  anyway, here are some of my favorite images i created during the challenge.

as always, stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

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