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8•7 | murderino monday


i’m pretty sure that the MFM podcast covered this story, but i can’t remember for sure…

THIS is a great audio clip on the murders and a good place to start.  you can also check out the wiki.

first of all, this story has many, many theories.  i won’t get into them because none of them are really that good.

these murders, and there are a lot of them, occurred in 1912 in a small town in iowa.  they called it the villisca axe murders.  a family and two family friends were butchered for seemingly no reason.  eight people in total.  they were all attacked with an axe.  the father was hit more times and more gruesomely than the others.

they found cigarette butts in the attic and thought maybe the killer hid there waiting for the family to come home and go to bed before he striked.  the killer also covered all of the mirrors in the house.  that is super creepy to me.  like why did he do that?  was he ashamed?  did he have a personality disorder?  why???  the killer was also comfortable enough to make himself food and calm enough to clean himself up.  there was evidence of both things in the kitchen.  he covered the faces of all of the victims too.  was he remorseful or was there another reason for that?

it is still an unsolved mystery and will remain that way.  there were a few trials back in the day, but no suspects really stuck.  looking at all of them, i can’t see any of them being the murderer of this particular crime.  and OF COURSE, the house is said to be haunted.  you can even stay there overnight…or not!  i’ll take not.

as always, stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

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