true crime

8•14 | murderino monday

i’m going to keep this short but not very sweet.

a woman was murdered this past weekend in charlottesville, virginia.  she was struck with a car on purpose for protesting a large group of white supremacists who were protesting an antiquated statue being taken down.  another 19 people were injured that day along with the loss of two police officers in a helicopter crash. 

a young man was arrested for her murder.  he was only 20 years old.  he has already ruined his life in such a short time.  someone taught him to have those horrible beliefs.  you’re not born with them.  they are learned.  

i saw his mugshot.  he looked “normal”.  then, i heard an interview with his high school history teacher, and it clarified a few things for me.  and then, i saw pics from his facebook.  his racist views had been building for a long time.  his mom claimed that she had no idea he was radicalized…

so a woman died…over a statue.  but also for my right to speak my mind, for my nephew to live in an america that protects him, for my culturally diverse students, and for all the people who are too afraid to do what she did (which is me).

i hope things change for the better, but we have a long way to go.  as i try to figure out my part, i hope others do the same.

as always, stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

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