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9•8 | high five for friday!

oh hey there… yes, i’m still here.  i know the blog has been neglected lately.  i’m working on it and trying to carve out time.  i want to make it a priority, but youtube seems to be taking over.  i’m not giving up though!  i’m going to make it work!  bear with me!


school is going great!  i’m loving all my new responsibilities even if i am running around all the time.  i like to be busy.  i do my best when i’m busy.  the changes we’ve implemented are turning out to be so good.  i’m very optimistic about this year.


i got in some FaceTime with my family this week.  my sister and nephew were visiting my parents so i was able to see everyone.  wish i could be there, but FaceTime is the next best thing!  i’m looking forward to visiting my sister over in dallas soon!


happy birthday to my best friend, kat!  we’ve been through so much together and on our own in these past 11 years of knowing each other.  but we’ve worked through it all and i’m so grateful to have someone like her in my life.  she makes me laugh, doesn’t take my shit, and really listens.


FALL IS HERE!  it’s my favorite season for a lot of different reasons.  but mainly its because of the cooler (but not too cold) weather, the cute clothes, the delicious holiday food, and the festive atmosphere.


will and grace comes back next week, but the first eight seasons are on hulu now.  so excited!  that show made me laugh so much.  it’s a cult classic to me just like friends.  can’t wait for the reboot!



five-on-friday-link-up-image   and meet at the barre!







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