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10•9 | murderino monday

holly bobo and her family can finally rest after they got a guilty verdict in their daughter’s murder trial. this is such a strange case with so many twists and turns.  (there’s too much to even give a cliff notes version – you can read about it HERE.)  i thought they would never find out what happened to her.  but her family never gave up

just two weeks ago, the trial concluded.  it’s not the conclusion that i would have liked.  too many people who were involved got off nearly scot free.  but there was some justice.  and i’m sure they’re glad it’s over.  

i’ve been following the case since she went missing in 2011.  it was so mysterious.  she just disappeared with a tall man into the woods.  her brother saw it happen, but he didn’t understand what had happened.  then no one could find her for years.  and they searched for her relentlessly.  finally in 2014, she was found.  unfortunately, it was just her skull.

it took the police years to piece the case all together.  i can’t even imagine what holly endured, but i’m glad that her family finally got justice for her and that she can rest in peace.

as always, stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

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