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my favorite shops for planner supplies

fave shops

you can find happy planner stickers at michael’s or hobby lobby. that’s a great place to start.  (both places offer a 40% coupon off anything and product specific coupons on their apps.)  i particularly like the seasonal pack (it’s worth the investment), the planner basics pack, and the quote packs.  the new memory keeping packs are really pretty but the stickers are pretty big so i like those for monthly spreads.

the recollections washi is my favorite “affordable” washi.  you can find it at michaels.  if you have the app, you can always find a coupon.  there’s also washi at hobby lobby too, of course.

then when you’re ready to make it rain with planner stickers, graduate to etsy and the standalone shops.

here’s a quick tip: before you buy anything on etsy or a standalone site, check the shop’s instagram profile for a coupon code.  most of the time, there’s one available, they have a sale running, or there’s a pr girl with a code.

so these are my current favorite shops:


scribble prints co – this is a high-end shop, but often the price is worth it to me.  andrea has an attention to detail, and i really like her design aesthetic. i usually buy her mini kits and add on the extra boxes sampler.  it’s just enough for me.  the ultimate kits are nice, but they are HUGE.  but if you’re into stretching kits, they’re great for that!  i’ve found that if you get an ultimate kit, they’re enough to use for both a weekly and monthly spread.

virgo & paper – i love this shop!  she has unique designs, and her kits are very well thought out.  her lettering stickers are super cute too.

sadie’s stickers – the quality is great and the price is too. the kits are a good value and offer just the right amount of stickers for white space planners.  her photo kits are just beautiful.  she also has great foiled functional stickers during her $2 Tuesday sales.  {you can use code TAYLOR20 to save 20%!}

caress press – her mini kits are perfection.  they have everything i need to plan a week.  plus her designs and color choices are some of the best out there.

gp sticker studio – this is an australian shop so you may have to wait a little longer, but they’re so pretty.  her kits are super affordable and have everything you need.  (gabi’s youtube channel)

the crafty banana – this is a definite favorite! she draws all of her kits so they are super original and cute!  her mini kits are small but you can add on the glitter sampler and extra boxes to fill it out.  her scene kits are super unique.  {you can use code TAYLOR to save 10% or use the link above!}

nikki plus three – i have been ordering from this shop for a long time!  she’s known for her floral kits and most of them are foiled.

shop jessica hearts – i love this shop!  her designs are so beautiful!  i especially like her monthly kits.

planning roses – this is a canadian shop so it takes a little while to get to me – about a month.  but i really like her designs.  she also chooses unique clip art often.  i can find kits in this shop that don’t look like anyone else’s.

lemon and honey studio – her kits are unique and fun!

rose colored daze – if you need anything foil related, this is the premier shop.  she’s always the first to come up with trend setting ideas.  her quality is top notch.

once more with love – for character stickers, this is one of my favorites.  she has lots to choose from.  but be warned…they are addicting!

the coffee monsterz co. – this is another favorite character shop.  her stickers are just so cute!

fox and pip – and yet another favorite character shop!  she has such cute, unique designs.

bubba bear studios – this shop has such unique designs.  she offers pretty much everything you need include some pretty adorable character stickers.

wild summer designs – her kits are very affordable. they include everything you need for a great price.  join her Facebook group for a discount code.

pumpkin paper co. – her character are some of my favorites.  they’re super cute and there’s a lot of variety when it comes to activities.

fox and cactus – even though they ship from australia, these stickers are worth the wait.  and really, they do ship quickly.  her stickers are so fun and quirky.

simply gilded – if you are looking for high-end washi, this is the shop to go to.  her designs are beautiful and the quality is amazing.  i suggest buying during presales because you’re guaranteed to get what you want.  the regular sales can be cut throat and sell out in minutes.

villa beautifful – her pens are gorgeous! they’re definitely an investment but reasonably priced.

sew much crafting – for TN or rings inserts, this shop is one of the best.  her paper is amazing – so smooth and thick.

lights planner action – if you’re looking for inserts, she has great designs.  the quality is top notch, and her customer service is amazing.

stylish planner – for planner covers, this is one of my favorites.  she has beautiful designs.  she only offers


undo adhesive remover – life changing stuff! you can remove a sticker, reuse it, and there’s no damage to the paper. it’s a miracle!! just don’t use it anywhere near whiteout.

pentel energel pens – these are my current favorites.

papermate inkjoy gel pens – these are some of my favorite pens.  they’re so smooth, and the ink is bold.

tombow correction tape – the best white-out!  it’s white and comes out smoothly.

tombow adhesive runner – this is the best permanent adhesive runner i’ve found.






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