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self care ideas


my word of the year is health.  we’re nearing the end of the year and i feel like i did a pretty good job of sticking to it as my focus. my plan was (and is) to be conscious of what my mind, body, and soul need.  i’ve made heath my priority, and i definitely feel the benefits of it.  there are low moments and struggles, but everyone has those.  i am disappointed that i have gained some weight over the year, but through it all, i’ve taken care of myself. i think my weight will always go up and down in my life. but my mental and emotional health are so much more important to me now. so here are some things i’ve incorporated this past year that have really helped. some are small things but sometimes the smallest thing can help. 

  • bubble bath
  • getting nails done or doing them yourself
  • massage (this is a splurge – i do it about once or twice a year)
  • movie date with yourself (this is not as weird as i thought i would be)
  • walk in the sunshine
  • brain dump and then throw it away
  • get a special coffee at a coffee shop
  • exfoliate and put on a face mask
  • use a humidifier
  • good sheets
  • sound machine (this changed my sleeping game!)
  • yoga!
  • burning candles 
  • buy one new makeup item
  • read a bible study or self-help book
  • get up at the same time every day, same with bedtimes
  • schedule time for things i want to do
  • reread a favorite book
  • listen to an interesting podcast or audiobook
  • spend a couple extra minutes on my makeup

leave your comments below. i'd love to hear from you!

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