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10•30 | murderino monday

the most talked about case in texas right now is the very sad case of sherin mathews.  she was murdered by her adoptive father for refusing to drink her milk.  he originally said that she disappeared after he banished her to the backyard at 3 am.  i knew instantly that he was lying or not telling the whole story.  he was just too jumpy and shifty.

last week, it came out that they found her body in a ditch.  the dad then admitted that she had choked from the milk because he forced it down her throat.  she was only 3 years old.  she also had some physical and mental disabilities.

it’s not fair.  i feel like i say that for every case i talk about, but it’s still true.  still, i’m glad they found her and can lay her to rest.  she had what sounds like a sad, scary, and short life.   i hope they nail the dad for murder, which it sounds like they are planning on.  he wasted so much time and money on a search for her when she really wasn’t missing.

to change the subject completely, i really enjoyed “mindhunters” on netflix.  i recommend it.  i hope they do a second season because i would watch the shit out of it.

and also, i’m reminded pretty often that i come from a line of murderino women.  my mom sent me this text last week.  made me laugh.  i come by my true crime obsession naturally.

as always, stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

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