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11•6 | murderino monday

i’m not going to talk about the murder of 26 people (this number may have gone up since i published) in south texas this weekend.  i’m so tired of talking about guns.  nothing is going to change until the majority of america is on board and we’re no where near that point.  beto o’rourke wrote a touching essay on it.  search him on facebook for it.  but like i said…i’m tired of talking about it.

so i’m going to talk about one of my “favorite” vintage murders to talk about: lizzie borden.  so she OBVIOUSLY killed her father and step-mother.  but i think it’s her trial that’s so fascinating.  imagine sitting there in a court room knowing you’re going to get away with the murder of your family just because you are a middle-upper class white woman.  it’s no wonder she didn’t admit to it and had no remorse.  she absolutely did not have to have any because she couldn’t possibly have done such a thing.  yes, her trial is laughable today, but privileged people get away with murder.  *cough* OJ *cough*

i’ve been watching the “law and order: menendez murders” show and it is fascinating.  i’ve thought about lizzie and oj simpson often.  being privileged probably could have worked for the menedez brothers too if they hadn’t been so unlikeable and dumb and young hispanic men.  they had good lawyers.  but they weren’t white women and they weren’t famous black men.  i don’t feel sorry for them just like i don’t feel sorry for lizzie or oj.  they made their beds, all of them.  but sometimes privilege just doesn’t work in your favor.  and it shouldn’t.  isn’t that what our justice system is based on, equality before the law.  sadly, it just doesn’t work out like it’s supposed to sometimes.

as always, stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

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