true crime

12•11 | murderino monday

i recently read this article from texas monthly.  it’s about the murder of irene garza in mcallen, texas in 1960.  she went to confession during holy week and disappeared.  her body was found a few days later in an irrigation canal.  she had been beaten, strangled, and raped.

since she had last been at confession, the local priest was the last one to see her.  his name was john feit.  naturally, he was a suspect, but there wasn’t enough evidence against him.  the case was passed on as different detectives joined and left the department.  but it was never all that cold of a case.

for a very long time, i’ve been suspicious and weary of clergy men.  part of it stems from my own dad’s experience as a pastor and learning about the inner workings of a church.  in the case of three churches in my past, they were corrupt and contradicted the bible and jesus’s teachings.  over time, i’ve grown less suspicious, but i don’t think a little healthy skepticism is a bad thing.  people that work in a church are still humans.  feit happened to be much more of a sinner than your typical clergy man.

just this past week, retired reverend john feit was found guilty of her murder.  (click HERE for a great washington post article on his conviction.) at 85 years old, he was tried and convicted with evidence over half a decade old.  it’s pretty incredible that after 57 years, irene finally got the justice that she deserved.  the case could have just died.  but her family and friends didn’t forget her or what happened to her.  they persisted and a murderer was brought to justice.  what’s more is that he was linked to other cases similar to irene’s.  rest in peace, irene.

as always, stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

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