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trying a new thing…


so i have tried pretty much every diet out there in my 33 years.  i used to yoyo diet to my own detriment.  in the past few years, i’ve focused on more healthy things like balanced food groups, smaller portions, and meal prepping.  i had a lot of success with whole 30.  but once i hit the reintroduction period, i lost my nerve.

no matter the “diet”, i always slip.  for some damn reason, i ALWAYS slip.

so i decided to try something new.  this idea may seem weird to some people, especially since i live in the beef capital of texas.  but i’m trying to be a weekday vegetarian.  i’m on week three currently.  it’s been very interesting.  i thought it would be much harder than it actually is.  it’s come up in conversation but everyone has been very respectful about it.  and it helps that i’m not obnoxious about it.  i’m very matter of fact – i want to be healthier…it makes me feel good…it’s making me more adventurous with my food.

i feel like this is something that i can sustain.  it’s realistic.  i like the values of vegetarianism, but don’t think i could or would ever do it full time.  i like meat in small portions, and i realize that as a human being i’m an omnivore.  i need animal protein on occasion to keep me healthy.

but i will say…doing this, i feel really good.  my body likes it.  my skin likes it – it’s looked better than it has in months.  and i feel like i’m doing something responsible and beneficial.

here’s the thing that will make or break this though – i have to limit my portions.  if i’m going to actually lose any weight like my doctor told me to, then i’m going to have to limit my calories.  not restrict – just be conscious of my portions and meals.  i can do it though.  she told me low carb was the way to go, but i know my body and i know that my brain doesn’t work and my body breaks down when i limit food groups.  i have experience with that.  so i’m trying this.  this makes sense.

i’ll keep you updated!


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