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12•15 | high five for friday! | december update


i was officially accepted to an accelerated masters program for educational leadership and policy building.  the last time i talked about grad school (about a year ago), i was quitting… i was bored and stressed out from the way that my school year was going.  so i quit.  maybe it wasn’t the best decision.  i’m still on the fence.  but i think it worked out for the best.  now i’ll be done in 15 months instead of 5-6 years.  and it’ll be cheaper in the end.  so here we go!


i’m currently trying out a new health trend.  well, it’s new to me anyway.  i’m finishing up three weeks as a weekday vegetarian today.  so far, it’s going very well.  i haven’t “cheated” at all and in fact, i’m eating vegetarian about 90-95% of the week.  here’s more info on it if you’re curious.  i feel really good about it.


the school year is going really, really well.  it’s amazing what a few changes in leadership can make.  this was a text i got from my principal last week to our leadership team, which i am a part of.  it’s all we really want.  to hear that we’re appreciated and listened to.  i’m grateful that i have such a good principal and superintendent.


while this year has been great, i can’t wait for christmas break.  it’s only two weeks, but it’s important to have a break and to rest. i struggled this past week. it was really hard. but i got through it. still need the break though.


i’m so grateful that my youtube channel just keeps growing.  i remember when i hit 25 subscribers and how awesome that feeling was.  to know that there were 25 people out there who were investing in my passion.  now i’m up to 750 and i just want to build more and more content.  i want to make it better.  eventually, i want to earn money from my youtube content, but i’ve got a ways to go for that to happen.  for now, i’m doing it for fun.


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4 thoughts on “12•15 | high five for friday! | december update

  1. I found you through the Plannerinos group and am eager to binge your videos to hopefully keep better track of my professional life, my side hustles, and my social media branding/networking! Thanks for all you do!

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