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12•18 | murderino monday


one of the questions that comes up a lot on MFM is – what is your gateway murder?  in other words, what is the murder that got you fully into true crime?

i have thought about it.  i’m not sure.  i think it probably is charles manson.  i wasn’t alive when the murders occurred, but i read a lot of books about it when i was a kid.  okay, not a lot.  but enough to be completely fascinated by the whole thing.  plus it was a cult so that added another level.

my gateway cult has to be the  i remember watching so many tv specials on the subject.  i couldn’t understand their reasoning or rituals.  i definitely didn’t understand the castration (spoiler alert: they hated themselves).  but the whole thing was insane to me.  marshall applewhite’s eyes hypnotized me.  i couldn’t get enough at the time.  now, they’re one of my least favorite cults.  jonestown is definitely at the top now.  i just don’t understand all the layers to the story.  i probably never will.

but if my gateway murder wasn’t manson, then i think it was probably o.j. simpson.  i was entirely too young to watch the dateline specials, but i sure as hell did.  it doesn’t hurt that my mom is just as into true crime as i am.  i’m sure we watched them together.  but that murder was horrifying to me and i didn’t even know all the details.  then the trial…i just didn’t understand why he wasn’t convicted.  my child’s brain just didn’t get it.  to me, he killed his wife and he should have gone to jail.  but that’s not always how the world works, especially not in 1993 in los angeles.  my adult brain understands the circumstances now but still doesn’t like it.  that was the first murder in the news that really caught my attention and kept it.

a few years later, it was another sad case, the lacey peterson case.  murders against women always seem to catch my attention.  maybe because i am a woman or because even as a kid, i think i was a feminist.  there was an article that floated around last week about how true crime shows only make us more scared and cautious.  but i think my interest in true crime has only made me stronger and smarter.

as always, stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

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