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rising strong

it’s no secret that this winter has been tough for me.  they usually are.  but i made some mistakes, did some things i regret because i was feeling hurt and bitter.  in some twisted way, it was my way of reaching out for help.  and i needed it.

it’s not “all better” or anything.  but it’s definitely better in a lot of ways.  all fall, i was reading “rising strong” by brene brown as my book study for my leadership team.  i heard brene speak at a conference last year.  even before that, i was kind of obsessed with her.  but after hearing her in person, and thinking she was speaking straight to me, i decided to finally buckle down and finish her books.  i’ve picked them up but never finished one.

so i committed to “rising strong” first.  it took me a long time to get through it.  not that it wasn’t good.  in fact, it was amazing.  one of the best books i’ve ever read honestly.  but i had to read it in small chunks because every time i would pick it up, it would speak directly to my heart.  i cried almost every time i read it.  it’s intense for someone who needs to needs to be brave and fix some things.  it made me feel very vulnerable (hence the crying!).  but i did finish it.

and now, i know that i can do it.  it won’t happen overnight and there will continue to be struggles along the way, but i can make those changes that i want to make in my relationships.  i can work on letting go of the shame that i carry with me each day.  i can be curious about my regrets and guilt because they’re meant to teach me something.  i can face my story because it’s mine.

here’s a couple of my favorite quotes:

well, that one just hit me right in the heart.
that c.s. lewis quote definitely stuck with me.
i wish i could have finished the book sooner…and realized this sooner.
almost always, i wallow in the the struggle when really it’s an opportunity.
this quote is one of my absolute favorites.  i have it above my vanity so i see it every day.
this is another one that hit me hard.  i feel like i make up hidden stories in my head all the time.  i said it out loud for the first time a couple of weeks ago.
i’ve always been a little scared of changing and change, but it’s what i’m meant to do.
love this one!!  as women, we’re told to be so many things, but maybe that’s the key, to accept that we can be all of those things at once.

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